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Mike Murray
Hammond Synchronous Clock Motor (Rotor) for the Postal Telegraph Wall Clock Repair and Motor Repair Spin Start.

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Hammond Clock Movement for the Postal Telegraph Wall clock

My business is rebuilding your original movement. Most, if not all, Postal Telegraph’s were made without a motor and the first section deals with those situations. The second section deals with customers sending in the Hammond motor or the clock movement with motor or the entire clock with a Hammond motor.

Postal Telegraph’s were mostly made with a movement that did not have a motor (as pictured directly above) and used a coil to generate an electro-magnetic field that would drive an internal disk. This is considered a (Time Only) movement and an overhaul on a time only electric is $400.00 plus $30.00 shipping, assuming you only send in the movement. The movement overhaul does NOT include the coil ($150.00), so that would be added to the cost of the overhaul, if needed. Coils are not sold separately. If needed, I do have a supply of the phenolic resin wheels which do break over time. This is the internal wheel you turn when you start the clock. This would add another $100.00 to the job These wheels are not sold separately. If this is what you have and you send it in with the entire clock then it’s the same as above with shipping increasing to $150.00 in order to cover the additional labor and shipping costs ($550.00). Complete movement overhauls or if you send the entire clock takes 6 to 8 months. The confusion is that the picture above is the back of the clock and Postal Telegraph’s with the Hammond motor look identical. It is not until the backing is removed and any movement outer covering removed until we know if it has a motor or not. I can and do service both and if you’re sending the entire clock, then it’s my problem and not yours. You can send a picture of the back and sometimes I can tell if it has a motor or not to
UPS sells boxes but you can Goggle to find someplace to buy boxes. In my opinion there is no best when it comes to a carrier. I use UPS for convince not because I believe they are the best. The best insurance is to double box and pack each box well, even if it means an oversize final box causing an increase in shipping price. If you're a busy type, then you can use a UPS store to ship it and have them pack it but I have seen them do lousy packing as well. The goal is to have nothing negative happen shipping both to me and back to you and why I do my own packing and always double box and always have some packing material surrounding the clock and surrounding the 1st box. A little more time and a little more expense will save the large headache of trying to find someone who will work on the clock and have someone remove the movement, bezel, face and chime block before the case is worked on. This will fall on you because the carrier will have me return it to them and then they inspect it before they ship it back to you.
first second The pictures above are the back of the first movement used in the Postal Telegraph along with the back cover. I DO NOT work on these but do work on all that were made after that because they contained either a clock motor or a magnetically driven disk. The above was only used in the first production in the late 1920’s and all others have a motor or disk and were make in the 1930’s. Hammond produced clocks from 1928 to 1941. Also this clock will say bichronous, which means that it has an auxiliary system with a mainspring that is suppose to "take over" once the power is off. Some of these have the type of mechanism that has leaf spring limiters to regular the time when the current is on and I do not work on these. If you or a local clock shop can take the back cover off and send a picture of what's underneath, then I can tell you if I work on it or not. The word bichronous can be on the front or back or both. Even with that word, I may still be able to work on it but need that picture to be sure. I most definitely work on any Postal Telegraph that has synchronous anywhere on the clock or dial.
If the clock states synchronous anywhere then I can definitely work on it.
Postal Telegraph's with a Hammond clock motor

Again I can't recall a Hammond Postal Telegraph with a Hammond motor, but just in case. Here the clock and/or back will state synchronous, which means that it runs on electricity and has no back up for a power failure. Rebuilding these motors cost $250.00 plus $20.00 priority mail (Canada is $45.00) and has a 2-year warranty, which brings your total cost to $270.00. I must have the old motor. If you don't have the motor then I must use one from inventory and that adds $100.00 to the total and it too would have to be rebuild, so the time frames would still be the same. For a total of $370.00 if I use and rebuild one from my inventory and that includes the $20.00 shipping and handling. In addition to the picture above, these motors are identified by their 15 tooth brass pinion (gear). I do not know of any substitute. My turnaround is 4 to 6 weeks for motor service, 6 to 8 months if the clock is sent with the motor, or if the movement is overhauled. The above only addresses the motor, which I doubt Postal Telegraph's even have.
Now I do have a policy that allows for a "Rush" job. If you really want your Postal Telegraph or Hammond wall clock moved to the very next project that I'll work on, it will cost you triple. I will contact you within a few days of it landing. I must first disassemble it in order to ascertain what it needs. Once done then everything triples except return shipping. In general your costs will go from $550.00 to $1,350.00 plus parts and those parts will also triple. I realize that this is outrageous but if I'm going to deal with all those in house customers that will have to wait longer because you need the project done as soon as possible then I must be compensated for that future aggravation. It may bring no additional work but we'll see what we'll see. Including the bench time and testing it should leave here in 4 weeks and 6 weeks on the outside but I'll need a check for that to happen. Please make it out to Mike Murray at P.O. Box # 562, Fossil, OR 97830 but wait until I have disassembled it and contact you via E-mail with an exact amount. I'll not proceed until the check lands or a Pay Pal payment is made which will be 3% higher.
Overhaul Hammond clock $400.00 (A 2-year warranty) Return shipping and handling $150.00 Total $550.00 (If it were a rush then add $800.00 or $1,350.00) I’ll not ship until I received payment.  I ONLY accept money orders, certified checks, or company checks for payment but repeat customers may use personal checks. Normally shipping takes place one week or so after I receive payment and thanks ! All checks must be made out to Mike Murray because I gave up my business checking.
One thing you can do before you send in the motor is to take a Multimeter or Volt/Ohm meter, these are less than $20.00 at any hardware store, and with no current on the motor, set the meter to Ohms and touch the two leads to the end of the wires and see if you get a reading. Just about any reading is a good one and the lower the better. But if you get no reading what-so-ever then the motor’s coil is dead and you will need a coil as well. I do NOT sell these coils separately but do as part of a motor overhaul they are $150.00 each but do sell # 60 or # 14 Telechron coil for the same $150.00 plus shipping.
For return shipping I use USPS for all motor shipping and UPS for complete clock shipping. If you want to use another carrier then you will have to arrange everything for shipping, meaning I hand the box to the driver, get a receipt and nothing else. If, for any reason, I cannot rebuild your motor or I cannot salvage an exact substitute, then I’ll return your motor at no charge what-so-ever, unless you send the entire clock, then I charge for return shipping, which is usually $50.00 to $75.00.
All checks must be made out to Mike Murray because I gave up my business checking. Please do not send any money or check with the clock. However, if you are sending a Hammond motor only, prepayment is always welcomed because of the relatively short turn around time. I would like payment by, certified check, personal check, business check, or through Pay Pal or Square, which is the only way I take credit cards. I do prefer a check over Pay Pal or Square because Pay Pal and Square take 3%. The 3% is added to the total bill if you use a credit card. With either Pay Pal or Square, I will send an invoice to your E-mail address. Here you are dealing directly with either service and not me. You do not have to be a member of Pay Pal or Square in order to issue a payment but the 3% will be added to your total bill. All of the added fees are exactly what either service charges me for taking your credit card.

You should realize that a Telechron coil will effectively replace the Hammond coil, if the need should arise, with the same wattage considerations. A # 60 or # 14 Telechron coil work well and I do sell those for $150.00 plus shipping.
Respectfully, Michael P. Murray Memberships Include: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors An Internet private E-mailing list called Clocksmiths N.A.W.C.C. National 400-day Clock Chapter # 168 A service from, E-mail address: Mike Murray Founder of Clocksmiths A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair. Also, I overhaul most plug in electric clocks. In continuous service since 04/01/1982. Mike’s Clock Clinic Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC P. O. Box 562 1151 D Street Fossil, OR 97830-0562 Phone: 541-370-2440 My main Web site is located at Main FTP site is located at Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC N.A.W.C.C. International 400-day Clock Chapter # 168 Published in Chapter 168’s "Torsion Times" Published in AWCI’s "Horological Times" Formally AWCI’s 400-day (Anniversary) clock Bench Course Instructor!

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