Effective immediately, I'm no longer taking in work until, at the earliest, the Spring of 2023.  This is so I can address my back-log and will only make exceptions for prior commercial customers. My back-log is such that this is, at best, a guess and it could be later.   I will remove this banner when things change.   I do not make any recommendations.

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My turnaround is 4 to 6 weeks for motor service, 6 to 8 months if the clock is sent with the motor, or if the movement is overhauled. I no longer offer expedited service.

For motors and rotors not found on this Web page, I would need you to send a digital picture of the item using both top and bottom views.   Please remember that each motor or rotor in the body of this Web page have clickable links to their individual Web pages and pictures.

Any rebuilt Telechron "B" rotor can have any shaft you'd need. Once I open up a "B" rotor I can install any configuration of shaft or pinion. Here is a Web page with some of the steps illustrated with pictures.

Repair Illustration

For a Web page listing of all Telechron Clock Rotors by their M # please see:

GE, General Electric, Herschede, Revere, & Telechron Electric Clock Rotor, Clock Motor & Other Clock Motor Repair and Service Charges.
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