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Sessions Clock Motors.

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Sessions Clock Motors

My business is rebuilding your original motor, when possible. All of these motors cost $150.00 plus $15.00 priority mail (Canada is $40.00) and has a 2-year warranty, which brings your total cost to $165.00. I must have the old motor. If your motor is dead then at least I'll have it to match it to the one I'll use from inventory exactly. Using one from inventory adds $75.00 to the total and it to would have to be rebuild, so the time frames would still be the same. If you want to send in the clock for motor replacement, please be advised that shipping will jump from $15.00 to $100.00 with everything else staying the same. The increase covers return shipping and insurance and includes my labor charge of $50.00 for the replacement ($250.00 total). My turnaround is 6 to 8 weeks for motor/rotor service and 4 to 6 months if the clock is sent with the motor/rotor. Expedited service take about 2 weeks for motor/rotor service, one month if the clock is sent with motor/rotor. Expedited service adds $100.00 and if you choose expedite and I cannot return a working motor then the $100.00 is still due and all work is done in Clinic. If after the normal waiting period the motor still is not satisfactory then it is returned at no charge.
Installing the Sessions motor is fairly straight forward. It is a bayonet fit where there are three "stubs" that fit into three larger holes on the movement and these holes shrink to hold it in place with a twist. Counterclockwise for off and clockwise for install. There should be a three holed tension washer, that goes in between the plate and the motor for tension in order to keep the motor in place. If you don't have the washer, then I will supply one at no cost.
I'm asked how long the clock will run and I have the following to say about that. As far as how long the clock will work, that's not an answerable question because of the factors involved. The first and most important is the fiber drive gear. This is a phenolic resin wheel and does deteriorate over time. If that's in good to great shape then the clock will most likely run until that particular wheel wears out. Most, if not all, Mastercrafters and Sessions Electric clocks have this fiber (phenolic) gear, which is driven by the motor. These drivegears usually break at far too great of a rate. I have a small stock of these gears, which are guaranteed to be an exact replacement and if needed these gears add $50.00 to the repair. Fiber gear for both Mastercrafters and Sessions. The second factor is your household current. All motors have a coil inside them and they will weaken or even short out when there is a power surge. If you put in the money to get your clock running then put in the money to have it plugged into a power surge protector strip.
I'll not ship the rotor/motor until I received payment.  I ONLY accept money orders, certified checks, or company checks for payment but repeat customers may use personal checks.  Normally shipping takes place one week or so after I receive payment and thanks !
One more possibility and that is your Sessions may be the older motor I call Sessions 2-pin. Please see the link given to see the difference.
One thing you can do before you send in the motor is to take a Multimeter or Volt/Ohm meter, these are less than $10.00 at any hardware store, and with no current on the motor, set the meter to Ohms and touch the two leads to the end of the wires or the posts where the wires connect and see if you get a reading. Just about any reading is a good one. But if you get no reading what-so-ever then the motor's coil is dead and I cannot repair your motor. You should still send it in because I may have an identical one in inventory that I can rebuild. Please don't assume I have an identical motor in inventory. It is extremely important you test the coil before you send the motor and please contact me before you send a motor with a dead coil. If I do use a motor from inventory, that increases your costs by $75.00. If you get a reading, then plug it in for at least 24 hours and see how hot the motor gets. If you can hold it in your hand of fingers for 10 seconds without being burned then the coil would be good enough to rebuilt the motor around it. If you can't then it's not rebuildable. If you don't want to test it with current, then I'll be happy to and do that right off when the motor is received, so you'll know what we're dealing with.

I finally have a source for the phenolic wheels used to drive the animation, "swinging girl, swinging boy and girl, fireplace, carousel," and so forth. This wheel has to be mounted and tested to make sure it works and I add $100.00 to the cost of the motor or movement overhaul. I'll NOT do this service as a stand alone and it must be part of a motor or movement overhaul or it's simply not worth my time. This will only work for the pre 1960 movements, so on the movements listed below this will not work.

For the last decade of their existence (1960's), Mastercrafters and Sessions electric clocks were made with movements that did not have the traditional removable motor and most everything in these movements is plastic. These were produced in order to combat the Japanese invasion of cheap electric clocks. These movement have nothing that is interchangeable with the older movements and motors but you may have this in your clock. To see, take a looks at my Web page devoted to these NOS movements.

For return shipping I use USPS for all shipping. If you want to use another carrier then you will have to arrange everything for shipping, meaning I hand the box to the driver, get a receipt and nothing else.

If, for any reason, I cannot rebuild your motor or I cannot salvage an exact substitute, then I'll return your motor at no charge what-so-ever, unless it was expedited service.

I would like payment by money order, certified check, personal check, business check, or through Pay Pal or Square, which is the only way I take credit cards. I do prefer a check over Pay Pal or Square because Pay Pal and Square take 3%. I only take credit cards if you are in the USA or Canada. The 3% is added to the total bill if you use a credit card. With Pay Pal you can pay me directly using "friends and family" where you absorb all fees and I'm paid the full amount. There would be nothing added amount to the final fill if you absorb all fees. Here you log on to Pay Pal and send me the full amount of my bill, so there is no E-voice coming from me with this method and you will be charged all Pay Pal fees on top of my final bill. With either Pay Pal or Square, I will send an invoice to your E-mail address. Here you are dealing directly with either service and not me. You do have to be a member of Pay Pal in order to issue a payment but you may use Square without any membership or additional Square fees but the 3% will be added to your total bill as with Pay Pal. With Square, I can also take the credit card information which includes the number, expiration date and the last 3 or 4 #'s of the security code from the back of the card BUT that adds 3.5% to the final bill. I'd prefer to avoid this method but it is an option. All of the added fees are exactly what either service charges me for taking your credit card.

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