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Mike Murray

Telechron "B" Clock Rotors.

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Telechron "B" Clock Rotors

My business is rebuilding your original rotor. The type "B" is the larger rotor which generally turns at the rate of 1 R.P.M. There are 3 basic types of "B" rotors. The first is a "B-2" rotor and that has the lowest torque and is a 2-watt rotor designed to take a 2-watt coil. The next is the most common and that is the "B-3" rotor and that is the highest torque of the "B" rotors and is a 4-watt rotor designed to take a 4-watt coil. This is the most used rotor and it is in most chiming mantel and grandfather clocks. The last is the "B-13" and it is a 4-watt rotor designed to take a 4-watt coil and was first manufactured in the 1960's and was made as a cheap replacement for both the "B-2" and "B-3" rotors. It was never placed into a clock movement by any manufacturer, so it cannot be an originally installed part. For a list of most 60 cycle rotors please see this link. Most "B" rotors cost $150.00 plus $20.00 priority mail (Canada is $40.00) and have a 2-year warranty, which brings your total cost to $170.00.  The exceptions are the Telechron's M-1, M-31 & M-38 Rotors and Telechron rotors turning at either 30 or 60 RPM's. The overhaul price for these exceptons are the same but the replacement costs are higher, if needed. For an extra $150.00, I can replace your aluminum cased "B-13" rotor with an older nickel cased "B-3" rotor.   The "B-3" has copper plates and will generally last 2 to 4 times longer then their aluminum counter parts ($320.00 total). B-3-rotor rebuilding $150.00 Taking a "B-3" from inventory $150.00 Return Priority Mail shipping (rotor only) $20.00 Total $320.00 I must have the old rotor or add $150.00.  Aluminum rotors will NOT qualify as an exchange for their copper and nickel counterparts.  Typically aluminum rotors have a M # of 3300 or higher. The aluminum "B-13" rotor can be rebuilt.   The process takes about 4 to 6 weeks and the cost on the "B-13" is $150.00 plus $20.00 priority mail (Canada is $40.00), which brings your total cost to $170.00. It to would have a 2-year warranty. Typically aluminum rotors have a M # of 3300 or higher. The "B-13" aluminum rotor can be ordered without having to send in your old one but it would be nice if you have the time. My turnaround is 4 to 6 weeks for motor service, 6 to 8 months if the clock is sent with the motor, or if the movement is overhauled. I no longer offer expedited service. All rebuilt's from whatever source, will have some noise.  Rebuilt's will be significantly quieter but all will carry some noise. The one disadvantage of an aluminum cased rotor is that Telechron used fiber board plates and then coated them (dipped) in phenolic resin whereas the pre-aluminum rotors used copper plates.  Three of the seven wheels, in the "B-13" rotor, are also phenolic resin and that material was used to reduce noise of the wheels meshing but actually these plates increased the overall noise of the rotor.  Phenolic dipped plates will never last as long as copper and the material was used to reduce overall production costs but should last for years.  It is because of these plates that the noise level of any rebuilt aluminum rotor will be greater than the copper plates of original rotors.  So I strongly suggest you do NOT use an aluminum rotor for clocks located in your sleeping area. There is usually a saw like 2 blade system in the clock to secure the chime rods for shipping. Please be sure that is engaged for safe shipping. If they are gone or not there then I use a piece of small bubbled bubble wrap and fold it over once and then weave it in and out of the chime rods. A one inch wide strip is all that is needed. This is easy to remove and prevents the chime rods of rattling during shipping and breaking. If one or more breaks then that adds $150.00 to install a set of tuned rods which has to be done because replacing only one or two rods throws the whole tune out of pitch. If you want to send in the clock for motor or rotor replacement, please be advised that your costs will increase by $110.00 with everything else staying the same.   The increase covers the increase in return shipping and insurance and includes my labor charge of $50.00 for the replacement service.  I can ship at that price for clocks up to 22" long ($275.00 total). B-2 or B-3 or B-13-rotor rebuilding $150.00 Labor $50.00 Shipping via UPS ground $75.00 Total $275.00 All aluminum "B-13" rotors are replacement rotors. Meaning that they were manufactured after your clock was made in order to save production costs on replacements. All rebuild rotors carry a 2-year warranty. I'll not ship the rotor until I received payment. I accept personal checks, certified checks, or company checks for payment but repeat customers may use personal checks. Normally shipping takes place one week or so after I receive payment and thanks! If you use a personal check then please allow 10 days before shipping to allow the check to clear.
I have a quick guide for extraction and installation of the "B" rotor. Click on the Quick guide to the "B"rotor.
For return shipping I use USPS for all shipping. If you want to use another carrier then you will have to arrange everything for shipping, meaning I hand the box to the driver, get a receipt and nothing else.

I prefer payment via check made out to Mike Murray. I would like payment by money order, certified check, personal check, business check, or through Pay Pal or Square, which is the only way I take credit cards. I do prefer a check over Pay Pal or Square because Pay Pal and Square take 3%. The 3% is added to the total bill if you use a credit card. With either Pay Pal or Square, I will send an invoice to your E-mail address. Here you are dealing directly with either service and not me. You do not have to be a member of Pay Pal or Square in order to issue a payment but the 3% will be added to your total bill. All of the added fees are exactly what either service charges me for taking your credit card.

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