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Mike's Telechron Clock Clinic's M-31 Telechron Clock Rotor in Various Stages of Repair

The Telechron M-31 was the mainstay "B-3" rotor that was used in nearly all of the chiming G.E., Herschede, and Revere mantle and tall case clock for all of the 1930's and into the 1950's. The Telechron rotor must be opened in the same way it was sealed at the factory. This way the rotor stays its original size. Other "repair people" will cut the rotor open and that will lead to a shorting of the rotor and will weaken the side walls of the rotor. All wheels are checked for looseness on their individual shafts. This check is vital and must be done for each wheel. Both top and bottom plates are cleaned and then checked for worn and oversized bearings.  Each bearing must be the correct size or there will be a power loss. Here's a few of the pictures at various steps in the process. The rotor is now open and here's what we find inside on the top plate.
Here's all the parts after cleaning.
After cleaning and partially assembled.
Now lubricated with synthetic lythium grease.
Now the body is assembled and ready to test.
The body is joined with the container.
The rotor is back together and ready for full load testing. After the rotor passed the load test for at least 24 hours, the rotor is sealed with epoxy and ready to be shipped.  The total process takes about 4 days. Back to the Motors and Rotors Page A service from, E-mail address: (Preferred contact method) Mike Murray Founder of Clocksmiths A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair. Also, I overhaul most plug in electric clocks. In continuous service since 04/01/1982. Mike's Clock Clinic   Memberships: Clocksmiths & NAWCC 1600 Maryland Avenue Myrtle Point, OR 97458-1508 Phone: 541-559-1090, or 877-286-6762 (Toll Free) My main Web site is located at Main FTP site is located at
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